First opened on the island of Bali just over 28 years ago, in 1993, Waterbom Bali is a boutique, botanical waterpark experience, nestled in the heart of Kuta. The park was built with the aim to create a space that provides visitors a memorable and fun experience, while also respecting the natural world around us. Thus, Waterbom Bali was consciously developed to complement the existing environment, with over 50% of the area’s local greenery being conserved, and all the slides and features of the park built around the existing flora and fauna, rather than over it.
Surrounding Waterbom’s world-class slides and attractions, lies a carefully landscaped sanctuary of gardens and water systems proudly representing the beauty of Bali. Waterbom follows a comprehensive implementation plan to improve the long-term sustainability of the business practices across organic farming, carbon neutral as well as water, waste and energy management.
To this day, Waterbom encompasses 3.8 hectares, including slides, the popular ‘Pleasure Pool’ with swim-up bar, private gazebo areas, expansive lawns and multiple restaurants and still maintains more than half of the park as green space, including a number of endangered native species.

Rides & Attractions:


  • Funtastic: Water cannons, slides, wheels, ropes and giant dump buckets will keep them entertained for hours. Parents can rest assured the area has been specially designed to international safety standards and is closely supervised so relax…until the little ones drag parents into the fun! Children under 6 years old must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Maximum height allowed is 125 cm.
  • Lazy River: Kick back and relax as guests drift along the Lazy River. Meandering through the lush tropical gardens, the worries will wash away in less than a lap.


  • Constrictor: 250m long, the Constrictor wraps through the upper tree canopy sending riders sloshing high up the sides of the slide after being swung through near 90-degree turns. A tube slide that can be enjoyed on guests own but always better with a friend. Minimum height to ride Constrictor is 122cm with max weight of 136 kg (single) and 182 kg (double).
  • Python: Fitting up to 4 people in a life-raft style tube, guests get the chance to see the expressions on friend’s faces as drop and swing through the depths of the Python’s belly measuring a massive 6m across. There is a little surprise mid-way through. Minimum height to ride the Python is 100cm and maximum weight is 240 kg.
  • Tailspin: Tailspin has been designed to deliver a thrilling ride experience and high impact presence. Combining the high-banking rotations of a bowl with the rapid descent of a flume, the 140+ meter Double Tailspin gives riders a chance to see the journey that lays ahead as they’re pinned high on the outside wall as they spiral downwards. The maximum load is 2 people. Total max weight 181kg.


  • Twin Racers: Get the competition going with friends and challenge them on Twin Racers.
    A unique headfirst mat ride, give best launch into the closed spiral tube section that opens to reveal the position before the big drop. A combination of fun and excitement for all ages! Riders must be 110cm for Twin Racers with maximum weight of 136kg.
  • Smashdown 2.0: Even the bravest get a little nervous when take control of the drop away from guests! Enter the capsule nearly 26m up, wait for the countdown and have the floor drop out from underneath to bullet through a near vertical drop to a hydroplane run out in a matter of seconds. Minimum height to ride Smashdown 2.0 is 122cm with maximum weight of 140kg.
  • Fast N Fierce: Two open slides lined up side by side, guaranteed to offer nothing short of a rush! This will leave thrill seekers wanting to come back for more. Speed is the name of the game for this slide.
    Minimum height for riders on Fast N Fierce is 120cm with maximum weight of 140kg.
  • Double Twist: Here’s the initiation to trap door starts. Take the drop into one of the most creative slide paths in the world. Designed and engineered for the sole pursuit of fun! Riders need to be 122cm for Double Twist with the maximum weight of 140kg.
  • Green Vipers: Choose either the open or closed tube option. This slide pairing wrap different paths and slightly different speeds through the trees from their start point nearly 20m in the air before coming together in their own exit pool. Riders need to be 100cm for open Green Viper and 110cm for the closed tube Green Viper with maximum weight of 140kg.
  • Pipeline: Perched high above the park and directly above the notorious Climax the clear tube of Pipeline gives riders an amazing perspective of the park and the Kuta skyline. Riders are whipped through heavily banked turns that might make the view a bit of a speed blur. Riders need to be a minimum of 100cm and max of140 kg for Pipeline.
  • Climax: This slide gets screams from even the bravest. The countdown timer on the trapdoor sets the heart racing, dropping almost vertically down before caught and whipped into an inverted loop under 2.5G’s of force on the way to being shot out in front of the crowd waiting to see the look on the face! Riders must be a minimum of 120cm and 45 – 140 kg for Climax.
  • Boomerang: The Boomerang is one of the most popular slides for a pretty good reason. A giant quarter pipe at the end of a water slide, Boomerang first launches through an enclosed rainbow translucent tube before an almost free-fall speed run setting up for the giant wall ride. Best ridden with a friend to get maximum height. The maximum load is 2 people. Total max weight 181kg.
  • The Drop: The Drop is a high-thrill inner tube slide with big fun for daring duos. Starting from a height of 17.5 meters, riders will first wind through an AquaLucent section of surprise bursts of colour and light that unveil the drops. Riders will then accelerate over three high G bumps, the last drop, a whopping 9 meters high. The maximum load is 2 people. Total max weight 181kg.


  • Flow Rider: It’s always offshore at the FlowRider! Come enjoy a few turns on the perfect combination of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding or sit back with a cocktail and enjoy the action. Sessions run from 10am to 5pm daily. Riders must be a minimum of 130cm to body board and 140cm to stand up ride on FlowRider. Extra charge is applied.
  • Euro Bungy: Get catapulted 9 meters into the sky and try a few flips to pump up the adrenaline. Fitted in a safety harness and closely monitored by the professional staff, to ensure guests can concentrate on form and having fun. Maximum weight for Euro Bungy participants is 70kgs. Extra charge is applied.