Sobek Adventure was the first professional Adventure Company in Bali, Indonesia. Established in 1989, in history of over 26 years of ZERO accident operation on the river, Sobek has set the highest international standards in the rafting industry with no company even petting close. While starting as a small company on the Ayung riverbanks without facilities, it quickly grew into the most popular “activity” for tourists in Bali. After a couple of years, it was added Cycling trips, jungle trekking, village visits and 4×4 trips to repertoire. SOBEK’s guides are trained to the highest international standards in safety, first aid, rescue, and customer service. They undertake foreign-language training courses in a number of major languages, to ensure guests from all corners of the world are not only comfortable whilst SOBEK guests, but also are given in-depth safety briefings before embarking on one of the tours.

Sobek has been home to over 300 employees for a long time; many of them have worked for over 20 years. Considering the fact that a river guide needs at least 10 years’ experience and continuous training on the river to become great in his field… Sobek is proud to have the oldest guides on the river, not the boldest ones… That’s why it doesn’t use untrained freelance river guides to reduce operational costs. Sobek takes care of staff, so they can take care of the guests! Last year Sobek continues their green efforts by replacing all their facilities with comfy Unique friendly bamboo architecture… it feels better, smells better and now the buildings use less electricity.


Another exhilarating product within the Sobek adventure portfolio is one that will simply take guests’ breath away. Meeting the same strict safety and service standards delivered on Sobek’s Ayung River the Telaga Waja, put simply, will challenge guests and the guide every step of the way!

The thrilling Telaga Waja adventure begins in the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung, after an in-depth safety and equipment briefing by Sobek’s experienced guides. From the time drop into the first set of rapids, the heart will be racing and adrenalin pumping. In a continual spray of white clear water, guests will rush past steep banks and ancient hanging trees, whilst rafting guides will give instruction and work with, to safely navigate the raft through torrents, twists, tight turns, and inclined rapids.

Overhead obstacles, narrow gorges, and breathtaking views of terraced rice plains all along the way will give guests an appetite for the final challenge! The Water Dam! Hold on, Take a deep breath, and go down!

The Sobek Telaga Waja experience is a fantastic experience from start to finish. From the moment put on the Life Jacket and Helmet and take a tight grip of the paddle to the very second finish the last taste of the delicious mouthwatering buffet, this really is thrills all the way!


Trail condition:

  • Length of rafting trip is approximately 14.0 km or 8.7 miles
  • Class 3+ Rapids with continuous rapids
  • Starting from 760 meter above sea level and finish at 320 meter above sea level

Included on trip:

  • Towel and shower
  • A medical insurance for age 7 to 65 year old

Meal highlight:

  • 1 bottle Mineral water on the trip
  • Lunch is Indonesian Buffet including drinking water, dessert and tea/coffee

What to wear/bring:

  • Sport shoes or river sandals
  • Swimming and changing clothes
  • Hat or Cap is recommended
  • Sunscreen is recommended
  • Extra money for souvenir/photo