Bali is indeed known for having beautiful natural tourist destinations, especially when visiting the Sanur area, there will be lots of tourist destinations ranging from natural tourism, artificial tourism to cafes or restaurants. One of the places to eat or a restaurant in Sanur that should visit is Pitaloka Sanur. The place serves a variety of typical Indonesian menus and western menus. According to the management, the menus themselves were inspired by President Soekarno’s food recipes in the Mustika Rasa book. Besides offering culinary delights, this place also has an instagrammable building concept in a classic style, so it is well worth a visit with family, friends, or partners.

In addition to offering a variety of delicious food menus, the service provided is also very good so that anyone who visits the place will feel at home for a long time. The attractiveness offered by the Pitaloka Sanur Bali restaurant is that it has a vintage building design, so apart from eating delicious food, guests can also spoil their eyes by looking at the beautiful architecture. The color of the paint is also dominated by white, then the table and chair ornaments have the style of old furniture.

The main thing is that the appearance of this restaurant is similar to the model of the houses of ancient nobles, which have stained glass windows, old-style chairs, and tables, then various floor motifs. Anyway, every corner of the building looks very neat and makes anyone who visits the place feel very pleasant. Pitaloka Sanur Bali also has two places, indoor and outdoor, where the indoor area is equipped with old-fashioned tables and chairs, while the outdoor area has a restaurant, second floor balcony, and also a garden in the back area. Usually, this back area is a favorite choice for visitors because it is surrounded by green gardens and aesthetic buildings.

It’s no wonder that Pitaloka Sanur Bali is often used as a place for photoshoots and even pre-wedding photos because every corner of the building is very aesthetic. Apart from that, this restaurant also has rooms that can be rented, meeting rooms, swimming pools, a library, and antique shops in this place. In the future, the library in this restaurant will be used as an educational and learning medium for visitors to find out more about the history of the proclamation of Indonesian independence. The restaurant manager also said that maybe this place is the only place that carries the concept of a classic building while also providing a place for education and culinary in Bali in one place.