Nasi Ayam Men Weti is mixed rice and typical original dish from Bali. It consists of bean sprout, cassava leaves blended with coconut flakes. It is added with some side dishes such as shredded chicken, half egg topped spicy chili sauce, fried peanut, fried chicken’s heart, and deep-fried crispy chicken skin. The cuisine of this street food is so fresh, tasty, and spicy. If guests don’t like spicy food, they may ask them.

Started in 1970’s by Ibu Made Weti and famous as Men Weti Sanur. Men in Balinese language means mother. Men Weti is the figure of a legendary mixed rice seller at Segara Ayu street. In April 2017, Men Weti died, and her business continue to her stepdaughter.

The location of the Men Weti is close to Segara Ayu Sanur Bali beach, approximately 40 meters from the Segara Ayu Sanur beach. To find the location of the Men Weti, if you come from Denpasar city, pass Mcdonald Sanur, then go straight to the east which is in the direction of Segara Ayu beach. Before entering the Segara Ayu beach area, on the right side of the road guests will find a small shop which is still very simple.

In 2013, World Street Food Congress in Singapore voted Men Weti as Best Street Food. Nowadays, so many media reviews this small food stall.