Livingstone is all about passion, love, creativity, awesome croissants, and a cup of divine coffee. As innocent as it sounds, the aim is to inspire people through what it does. Livingstone wants to share love and happiness with whoever it encounters along the way, may it be the valuable team members, customers, partners, and local communities. It is the delight to bring guests warmness through their products, service, and ambience.


Livingstone seriously about their coffee and always look for ways to improve their coffee experience whenever guests come to Livingstone, and they are proud to work together with the best coffee partners in the industry. They say life is too short for a bad cup of coffee. This year, Livingstone introducing a new blend to their House Blends: Kintamani Blend. For decades, Kintamani has been well-known for its coffee around the world. It is a mountainous area which is also a home to Bali’s favourite local produces, most notably Balinese mandarins. Kintamani Blend is an elegant blend of beans from Bali Kintamani and EhiopiaGujiSidamo that will give a light body coffee with rich fruity flavour and floral aroma. The guest can expect a cup of divine coffee with tasting notes of mandarin and vanilla.

It has 3 house blends to suit guest preference:

– Petitenget Blend:

A combination of finest beans from Brazil, Sulawesi Toraja, and Ethiopia that will give a cup of balanced coffee with medium body and acidity, rich with tasting notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and tangerine.

Medium body, Medium acidity

40% Brazil Fazenda, 40% Sulawesi Toraja, 20% Ethiopia Keffa

Chocolate, Hazelnut, with hints of Tangerine.

– Canggu Blend:

A combination of finest beans from Aceh Gayo & Sumatera, this blend will give a bold coffee with full body and low acidity with tasting notes of nougat, almond, and chocolate caramel.

Full body, Low acidity

50% Aceh Gayo, 50% Jambi (Jambi) Nougat, Almond Milk & Chocolate Finish

– Kintamani Blend:

This beauty blend of beans from Bali Kintamani & Ethiopia that will give a light and subtle cup rich with floral aroma and notes of vanilla and mandarin.

Light body, Medium acidity

60% Bali Kintamani Natural, 40% Ethiopia Guji Sidamo Washed Floral Aroma with hints of Mandarin and Vanilla.


Found in 2013 by friends who share the same love affair for fresh baked goods, coffee, and good brunch. All the baked goodies in Livingstone are freshly baked daily in-house with the best ingredients. Livingstone is especially proud of its croissants and delighted to make them the best croissants in Bali. The guest can also find other bakeries, cakes, and customized birthday / special occasion cakes in the web shop. 


Livingstone use locally sourced ingredients with highest quality ingredients for the brunch menus. It has extensive menu of Aussie-inspired brunches, and also some menus with local twists of some local favourites, such as Balinese crispy duck and Nasi Campur.


The private meeting room is designed for guest creative and productive meetings. Set up with lush design, full of greens and natural wood furniture’s, as well as LCD TV and vast glass board, it is a perfect meeting place together with coffee and croissants. Meeting packages are available upon request.