La Reserve 1785 is the one and only luxurious boutique hotel & spa nestled in the famous surf heart paradise of Canggu Bali. La Reserve 1785 was acquired in 1936 by Mademoiselle Henriette Reboul, renowned as a French antiques collector and a love priestess. She reputedly had numerous famous friends and lovers who all took abode in this magnificent residence, coming from all over the world.

Under the magic wand of French Architects Laure Juhen and Louis Mariotti, Henriette Reboul’s residence took on a new lease of life and became a genuine touch gem, alluring beauty, and sensuality. Over the years, Laure and Louis found inspiration in countless travels, refining each drawing, finding unique pieces toiled with passion and unbridled talent. The finished work is a beautiful tribute to its original owner. The combination of French architects’ roots and Bali artisans’ craftsmanship has transformed Henriette Reboul’s residence into a luxurious, discreet and exclusive resort in the heart of Bali. All suites exude a spirit of exclusive French chic, with a generous dose of contemporary styling. The exacting elegance of the suites with its fine materials, and warm colours is brought alive through little poetic details imbued with a life and history of their own: books stacked in random places on the shelves, venetian mirrors.


LA RESERVE 1785’s Pavilion Pool Suites are a real sanctuary. To the point where luxury and romanticism meet, they offer an intimate taste of French living. Decorated with a fine collection of paintings and artwork, and equipped with the latest technology, the Pavilion Pool suites are enchanted spaces where dreams become a reality. The Pool Suites pay homage to historic French great courtesan Henriette Reboul. The ultimate indulgence, the in-room lush plunge pool sheltered beneath a tropical green nest.

Room details:

  • Size: 55 sqm / 592 sq ft
  • View: Plunge Pool view with tropical landscape


In 1936, Henriette Reboul’s famous lover, the Governor of West Indies, was invited to this splendid boudoir to nest their passion. This particular suite still retains a mystique of sensuality and eroticism. La chambre d’Henriette’s decor has taken its inspiration from her French boudoir’s secret intrigues at La Maison D’Aix In Aix-en-Provence. This unique, luxurious room embodies a fine balance of comfort and voluptuousness. The room is equipped with the latest technology. Guests are invited to recreate their own romance in this wonderfully comfortable and private suite.

Room details:

  • Size: 55 sqm / 592 sq ft
  • View: Tropical Botanical Gardens, Main Lounge


Each Premier Balcony Suite at LA RESERVE 1785 is a unique love nest. During the siesta hours, when the tropical birds pipe down, Henriette took refuge in this intimate sanctuary. Henriette’s private life still echoes in Premier Balcony Suites. The shuttered windows filter the piercing sunrays beating down the residence’s exterior. The architect, Laura Vuitton-Juhen, has cleverly recreated a heady cocoon through the subtle marriage of colours and volumes.

Room details:

  • Size: 55 sqm / 592 sq ft
  • View: Tropical Gardens, Balinese Roofs


The Prestige Balcony Suites are decorated especially in homage to Henriette Reboul’s French incredible beauty. The place exudes and embodies an inimitable sensual frenzy. It enthrals the sense of touch, fascinates the eyes, captivates the body. Henriette Reboul lifestyle was the inspiration for this French tropical in-design. Its large windows overlooking the balcony create a superb space for showcasing a fine collection of works and furniture at LA RESERVE 1785.

Room details:

  • Size: 55 sqm / 592 sq ft
  • View: Purity Garden, temples, and main pool


General room features:

  • Hand-crafted contemporary furniture
  • Nespresso Machine, Refrigerated private bar with choice French products
  • Smart TV Samsung Airplay plus international TV channels, Spotify, Netflix, Marshall Bluetooth speaker
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the resort
  • Organic amenities available
  • Fresh flowers
  • Art Newsletter and Selection of books curated by Art Concierge
  • Egyptian Cotton bedding and towels, bathrobes and slippers
  • Butler service