Situated in the heart of Seminyak and quoted as truly one of Bali’s most exquisite hotspots, La Favela opened its doors in mid-2013 and was again the brainchild of the hugely creative and talent  husband and wife team, Gonzalo and Sandra Assiego. Originally a small shop and home, La Favela was designed and built over the course of 2 years. It was a labour of love. Completely crazy and totally magical, La Favela drew its original concept and vintage design, intimate cozy heavily decorated corners, and Graffiti and stencil art adorned walls from around the globe! Inspired by the jungles of Bali and Indonesia, the favela’s of Rio to the underground bars and clubs of London and New York through the early 90’s, La Favela was designed to captivate. With semi-indoor gardens, artificial waterfalls and ponds, alfresco tables and chairs all laid out beyond a mini bridge, patrons are captivated upon entry into this enchanted garden and treasure trove. Its tropical and romantic: bold and beautiful. Making La Favela truly unique is the fact that may of the rooms are decorated with pieces not just from the homes of Gonzalo and Sandra but their many friends. With the couple having spent time in New York and London in the 90’s, at a time when underground parties were at the forefront of culture change a melting pot where art meets music, meets fashion and a time when a deserted warehouse or seemingly uninhabited grimy back lane became the spaces where (as the night descended), a roller door opened to those invited and revealed a party scene with 1000’s of people.  From the architecture to the street art. From the lighting to the music, the concept of La Favela has always been to bring to Bali the very first underground party scene. No techno, no house music. Just music that everyone loves and can dance to. Old school but never cheap.



Introducing to Attika, the newest area located on the third floor of La Favela Bali. Attika allows the guest to enjoy a private butler service providing an array of cocktails, tapas, and canapes. Available only for private events such as: meetings & functions, birthday parties, bachelor & bachelorette soirees, etc. The largest private area can hold a maximum capacity of 250 pax. Come and experience a night of exclusivity under the stars at ATTIKA.