KYND community is a plant-based institution in Seminyak, Bali Indonesia. Started as a small cafe in Bali has grown into something so much more. The mission is to spread Kyndness as far and wide as possible. The menu features of fresh juices, smoothies, burgers & salad bowls. Open at 7.30AM – 10PM daily this is the go-to-place for the early morning coffee. Try their famous ‘Berry Tropical’ smoothie bowl & ‘Kynd Big Mac’ Burger and don’t forget to snap a picture at the super cute pink mural on the area! Head back later in the evening and try out the amazing dinner menu and to-die-for cocktails followed by a scoop of uber instagramable gelato from there 100% plant-based ice cream store. Shop the range of sustainable products and cookbooks or join at the School of Kyndness where they will teach the tips and tricks to creating delicious plant-based meals at home!


An online cooking platform and connected community where they will share knowledge to educate and inspire people to live Kynder lives through the food they eat and the actions they take. At the school of Kyndness, guest will learn how to create hundreds of delicious plant-based meals that absolutely everyone will love!