A place where time stands still, just long enough to enjoy the allure of life. For almost two decades, the world has been enchanted by KU DE TA’s cuisine, charm, and celebrations. Nestled on Seminyak’s sandy shores, this idyllic beachfront space was created for sun-drenched days and unforgettable island nights. This is a Bali icon, where moments are shared over exceptional food, drinks, and soulful soundtracks from dawn ’til dusk.


Inspired by the island’s seasonal produce, the food begins with ingredients of integrity. Days here are spent ocean gazing and grazing on a selection of nourishing bites, sharing boards, and gourmet delights. By night, this enchanting space sets the stage for a symphony of colours, flavours, and textures that sing on the plate and linger in the guest’s mind.


The eclectic offering includes everything from contemporary tropical twists to iconic classics, and a few signatures thrown in. Leaving mark with house-made infusions, emulsions, and crystal-clear clarifications, it strives to create an imitable cocktail experience. KU DE TA also encourages guest to explore their curated list of award-winning wines, spirits, and beers.


KU DE TA is the premier venue for impressing the guests with a memorable experience. With sophisticated interior design and sweeping views across the ocean, its idyllic beachfront location is the ideal vantage point for taking in beauty of a Bali sunset.