Gaya gelato is produced by expert hands that respect nature and the tradition of homemade gelato. The ingredients are carefully selected considering excellence, local territorial features and freshness. We choose fresh products that are cultivated on site, making the most of the produce of the land that hosts Gaya gelato.

Production process

Inspired by nature and genuine flavours when making gelato. Respect seasonal rhythms and value locally grown fruits in order to deliver the authentic taste and textures of the land. The ingredients speak the language of nature and tell a unique story using only the best raw materials, grown and harvested on site. That is what Gaya gelato is all about! This is no small matter.

100% Natural ingredients

Believe that gelato has touched down in a land that deserves to be loved and respected. That’s why Gaya gelato pay close attention to the lifecycles of local, native produce. Make use of the wide variety of Indonesian fruits – the archipelago is extremely generous with peanuts, vanilla, and cocoa! Creates recipes that mirror the culinary traditions of the land. Using top quality Italian imports like hazelnuts and pistachios to stay true to roots, the philosophy of a typical made in Italy know-how and sensitivity.

How to process and preserve gelato

Believing in the 100% natural approach, guest will never find GMO produce, processed products, artificial flavours, or food colouring in the products. Gaya work closely with local farmers and producers, choosing only the best raw materials for the gelato. Gaya use professional equipment for every processing phase, from pasteurization to homogenization and every step in between.

To highlight the quality of ingredients, Gaya has chosen to use the pozzetto preservation system, a well which will preserve the soft texture and rich flavour of gelato, protecting it from light, temperature variations and any airborne impurities.


Gaya gelato is handmade by skilled experts that truly respect nature. The ingredients are carefully selected considering quality, local territorial features and freshness. Gaya prefer to use fresh produce like lemon grass, passion fruit, Balinese durian, and tamarillo that are cultivated and harvested on site, making the most of the raw materials of the beautiful land that hosts Gaya Gelato. Environmental values, energy saving, and careful selection of the raw materials underpin our production processes.


The mission is to ensure a unique gelato-sampling experience! Home Delivery carried out in battery powered, refrigerated vehicles in order to ensure high quality standards.  Telephone Bookings for guest convenience. Catering & Banqueting for weddings, private parties, receptions, birthday parties or business events and meetings. For these occasions Gaya will use a dedicated gelato cart, the symbol of street food served and enjoyed at a pleasant, relaxed pace.

Not Just Gelato

Delicacies for the palate. Gaya explores every aspect of taste to combine gelato with a choice of enticing homemade desserts and products made from carefully selected natural ingredients.

Our biscuits. Produced without food colouring, additives or hydrogenated fats, Gaya simple and refined cookies mirror the most genuine tradition of desserts. Ideal for breakfast and snacks, Gaya Gelato shortbread is 100% natural. The fragrant and crumbly shortcrust pastry is made with organic Balinese eggs, while the chocolate cookies contain Indonesian cocoa produced in Java. The cookies reflect the ‘made in Italy’ craft of baking homemade desserts and pastries and are enriched by the exotic fragrances of Bali, which offers a wealth of fresh fruit, herbs and spices.

Nutritional Values. Intolerances And Allergies.

Gaya gelato offers quality nutritional features with carefully balanced macronutrients and micronutrients. The delicious gelato is low calorie and nutritionally balanced. In fact, 100g sorbets are never more than 130 calories while the creams range between 165 calories for FIORDILATTE (whole dairy milk gelato) to 220 calories for BACIO (chocolate and nuts).

Fruit sorbets, with the exception of coconut, are the ideal food for people who are either intolerant or allergic to milk or lactose because these are only made with seasonal fruits without the use of dairy products. Only the Vanilla Cream contains egg. All Gaya Gelato flavours, both creams and sorbets, are made with gluten free ingredients. And to ensure that the gelato sampling experience is pleasurable for all, Gaya use homemade gelato cones that are diary free, egg free or gluten free and sweetened with a hint of sucrose. Many flavours are made from vegetal ingredients and are, therefore, ideal for those who follow a vegan diet.