With a seasonal twilight cinema situated right in the heart of town, Folk is Ubud’s neighborhood restaurant tucked into a hidden garden with private daybeds, teepees, and decks lining the pool whilst serving up food ranging from vegetarian to grills and drinks from craft options to classics. The food menus range from the authentic Indonesian taste to house signature dishes, from international cuisines to vegetarian or vegan options, from the popular single-portion bowls to scrumptious meals portioned for group of friends, so dig in because tables are open for breakfast throughout dinner.


The food options serve up considerably fresh and tasty of local and international favourites including the house popular signatures. Without a question, this is Ubud one stop culinary adventure spot.


Easily order from guest’s cozy space or swim over to the bar for the extensive option of beverages from craft drinks to healthy smoothies or go for the refreshing mocktails and sip away through the sunset some of the cocktail classics.


Choose preferred spot at verdant spaces be that in the private daybeds and teepees, sun decks and lush pergolas, poolside lawn, or in the super chill loungers, surely will make the most of Ubud downtime. It will be fill up super-fast, so book space early to avoid let-downs: 10 am to 10 pm daily.

  • DAYBEDS & TEEPEES. Lining up the pool are the 3 private daybeds and 3 teepees and they are perfect for a group of friends or family who wants a little bit of privacy. Each has a maximum occupancy of 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.
  • JOGLO HOUSE. Tables for lunch or dinner groups are set inside the Joglo House located near the entrance along with the bar looking over the pool, Joglo House is free to access and a perfect space for the non-smokers.
  • SUN DECKS. A table of 4 with reeds umbrellas are decked on the other side of the pool across from daybeds and teepees. They are perfect for a group of four people or less with direct way into the pool, all are FREE. Only there are 4 sun deck spots.
  • PERGOLAS. Sofas and chairs under the lush pergolas are perfect for bigger groups to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, pergolas are free to access.
  • POOLSIDE CHAIRS & SOFAS. A two-seater cozy sofas and single pool chairs are located at the lawn area facing the pool, they are free to access.
  • SUN LOUNGERS. Loungers looking over the entire space with a single-person seater are available for the visitors.


Looking for a fun night out in town with good music and delicious cocktails? Visit No Más Bar, located on the 2nd floor at the front entrance of Folk. 5 pm to 1 am every day.


Check out the poolside fun affairs of themed dinners, popcorn club’s twilight cinemas, major summer events, and end of year holiday festivities. It is also accommodated group gatherings, send the inquiry to hold a private event.