Cafe Pomegranate is a cafe restaurant located in the middle of the rice field in central Ubud which is in a walking distance from the local Ubud market. It was started in May 2012 by Japanese brothers. The elder brother is an interior designer and did the building design for this place. The younger brother is mainly in charge of the operation including setting up the menu which contains various foods from different part of the world such as Japan, Europe, Singapore and others. The building stands in a unique condition due to the raised altitude compared to the central Ubud and disconnected from the busy main streets. It provides a 360° open view. In the morning, we can usually see Agung mountain “the holy mountain” on the northeast and Batukaru mountain on the northwest in Tabanan. One of the prime times is to see the sunset looking over the view of the rice field towards the Camphuan river. In the evening, there is a view of the stars and fireflies because there are no street lights in nearby area. (Please bring a flashlight if planning to come in the evening time).

Access to the restaurant

By vehicle: When coming into Ubud town, look for a local Ubud Market. From its cross junction, drive towards the west on Jalan Campuhan. In about 500M from the junction after passed Jalan Bisma, start to see Pura Dalem on the right-hand side. Right after that on the same side, will find a bad paved steep slope leads to the entrance of the Abangan Bungalow. Along this bad paved street, guest may park the car. Once get off the car, follow the street and there are signs on the wall ahead. Follow the path and it will lead to the rice field. Once get out of there, soon will see the white tent ahead. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes from car to the cafe.