Bali’s first and only zoological park is a wondrous place where guests can learn the behavior of over 500 rare and exotic animals in a lush, tropical environment. A park where guests can participate in fascinating animal adventure activities, some of which are unique experiences of their kind in Indonesia. Take a walk on the wild side and get up close and personal with the exotic animals from across the globe. Enjoy a wide range of fun and unique experiences during the signature animal’s encounters.


At the Bali Zoo, getting Zoological isn’t just about having exotic animals in eco-friendly habitants, nor is it only about allowing guest to be interactive and hands-on, and getting up close and personal in holding snakes, baby gibbons, and bearcats, nor is it just about seeing birds shows and lions, tigers and bears up close, it’s all of these things and more.

Animal Encounter. Guests will experience an educational and unforgettable encounter with the animal. Learn how to handle and feed the animal ambassadors.

Feed The Animals. From the minute walk through the gate, guests will be able to feed and pet some tame animals, like deer and elephants. Guests can also feed lions and tigers, guided by a trained team. Extra charge may apply.

Animal Presentation. Want to see something amazing? Watch birds fly and catch their food in midair. It’s an incredible sight. Available two schedules: Animal presentation at Green Stage and Bird Presentation at Kampung Sumatra Stage.


Start the most important meal of the day with adorable Orangutan at their playground. Breakfast in the zoo might be a common thing, but breakfast with Orangutan? That would be one kind of experience! The first in Indonesia, Bali Zoo launched a unique Breakfast with Orangutan experience. Now, guests are not only able to enjoy breakfast like a king, but also with kings of the jungle: Orangutans.


Jungle Ride from Above at Elephant Rides. Enjoy the view of the tropics and exotic plant collections atop one of the biggest land animals in the world. Experience a thrilling opportunity to personally hand feed the elephants as well!


Bali Zoo does it again with another first in elephant experiences. This new Elephant Mud Fun half-day package allows guests to get down and dirty with the friendly Sumatran elephants while discovering all about their behavior and lifestyle from the experienced mahout handlers. Guests will learn interesting facts such as, it is very common to find elephants basking in mud during the summer months because their high body temperature generates a great deal of metabolic heat.  And with no sweat glands to relieve their internal thermometers they rely on mud to stay cool and protect themselves from the heat of the sun because even though their hide looks tough, elephants can actually get sunburned.

Elephant Mud Fun Children Policy:

  • For safety reasons minimum height requirement for children is 120 cm and will be charged adult price. Children under 120 cm are not allowed to enter mud fun area.
  • If booking exceeds 20 people buffet lunch will alternatively be served.
  • Bali Zoo does not provide babysitting services. Parents are responsible for their own kids who are left behind at the restaurant during the program