Bali Safari, the African Safari Adventure in Bali, is home to over a thousand amazing animals and the finest destination for an adventurous, fun, and educational experience more than just a safari. The park represents more than 120 species, including rare & endangered species like the Komodo Dragons, Orangutan, Bali Starling bird, and many more. Bali Safari Park is the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia. It has been actively involved in ensuring the future survival and well-being of many Indonesian animal species. Not only one of the leading wildlife conservations in Indonesia, but Bali Safari is also devoted to caring for the animals in their own safari. It ensures the highest standards of wellbeing are given to all the animals.


This is the ideal package to be able to get all the safari activities, let’s see together what guests can get!

  • Safari Journey. Everyone who has visited Bali Safari Park will definitely mention the Safari Journey as a must-try activity! During the Safari Journey, guests will be taken by bus (tram) to go around seeing animals from three countries. Not only that, but there is also a special guide who will explain the animals that guests see while walking around. Of course, guests can add insight about endemic animals from Indonesia, India, and Africa!
  • Edutainment Show. Not only Safari Journey, but animal edutainment shows are also a must to watch to add insight into animals. Can be enjoyed by all aged, edutainment shows are an extension of educative and entertainment. There are Animal Educational Presentations; Harimau, From Predator to Prey Presentation; to Elephant Conservation & Education Presentation. Animal shows here are not only educational but also entertaining. Animal Educational Presentation, also known as Various Animal Show, presents a variety of animals ranging from those that can be found in everyday life to animals that are threatened with extinction. Apart from presenting unique facts about the animals that appear, guests will also be educated that all animals in this world have an important role in the ecosystem. Guests will also be invited to take care of and care for all animals, so they don’t become extinct. Do not forget to protect the environment and the habitat of all the animals we love.
  • Fresh Water Aquarium. Guests can visit the Fresh Water Aquarium to see various kinds of aquatic animals such as Piranha, Arowana, to the rare Megafish!


Enjoy Bali’s best safari experience in the dark. This mesmerizing Night Safari Package is available every day! From witnessing zebras, elephants, and giraffes interacting with each other. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the king of the jungle and fierce tigers roaming freely and approaching the guests as they please. The evening is guaranteed to be filled with many exciting moments! Night Safari in Bali Safari Park is a close-range wildlife experience where guests will practically feel the tigers breathing next to the cheek. Satisfy senses with the unforgettable experience of a nighttime adventure in the wilderness. A specially designed caged tram will take guests on a journey where guests will get to witness and hand-feed animals at close range!

See the Fire Show, and enjoy a BBQ dinner, with aquarium access and the unique shows included, guests will experience a true natural wildlife encounter.


Bali Safari Park’s Elephant Back Safari Package offers the breathtaking one of the largest land mammals through an African-themed Bushveld surrounded by Wildebeests, Zebras, and Rhinoceros, roaming free. Bali Safari Park homes Sumatran elephants and has made conservation efforts to keep these clever creatures around for a long time. Take a close view of real wildlife in one of the biggest Safari parks in Asia on this private ride! The educational rides are led by trained and qualified mahout (handlers) that will guide guests through the tour where guests will learn more about the fascinating behavior, skills, intelligence, and natural habitat of these gentle giants. Elephant Back Safari is a guaranteed memorable experience, as the largest land mammal in the world takes guests on an exhilarating journey around an African-themed environment. Immerse in the beauty of the authentic setting and enjoy the opportunity of interacting with a number of other free-roaming African animals.


A dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Bali where guests get to dine while witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat. Tsavo Lion Restaurant is the first African-themed restaurant in Asia that allows guests to dine with the majestic pride of lions. Guests will experience a close encounter with wildlife to start the day. Accompanied by pride of lions roaming freely while enjoying delicious dishes at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant – safely separated by full-length-viewing glass panels. Guests can also experience Lunch with the Lions during visiting Bali Safari Park!


Enjoy Bali’s best safari experience at the home of amazing animals representing more than 1000 individual animals of 120 selected exotic and endemic Indonesian animals, including the rare and endangered Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Starling. Hop on the specially designed Safari Tram to embark on an exclusive safari adventure; Experience an adventure where guests can get close to wild animals and interact directly with guest’s favorite ones! Bali Safari Park is at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia. It is actively involved in ensuring the survival and well-being of many Indonesian animal species. This popular Safari package embarks guests on an adventure in the wildlife to encounter a wide variety of animals, even endangered species. Combined with traditional Balinese culture, aquarium access, and special shows access, it is guaranteed an unforgettable wildlife experience.


Take a close view of real wildlife in one of the biggest Safari parks in Asia on this private adventure. Get acquainted with the animals where guests get to feed them straight from their hand! While guests are in the Jeep, they can feed the animals along the way. Fell an intimate experience by feeding on Zebra, Elephant, Watusi, and others. Also enjoy a private family tour to the home of predators such as tiger and lion.


A spectacular cultural performance that features more than 150 Balinese dancers and musicians. The show is a fusion of traditional and modern theatrical arts. Where the famous magical world-class cultural show is performed in a luxurious auditorium, fully equipped with advanced multi-media technology, surround sound, and lighting. This mega theatre can host up to 1200 people and is a perfect venue for other meetings, conferences, and Exhibitions. This show is a theatrical art performance that tells of a Balinese legend through lively dance choreography, vibrant costumes, dramatic music compositions, and modern lighting and sound systems. This theatrical performance showcases a timeless journey through a magical theatrical performance that highlights the rich culture and traditions of Bali. It recounts the tragic and heroic legend of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved Chinese wife, Kang ChingWie. An extravagant, world-class show where 150 Balinese dancers, as well as musicians and shadow-puppet masters, perform together with an array of exotic animals. Experience all in one indoor mega-stage at Bali Theatre, only at Bali Safari Park.