Balinese believe that body, mind and spirit work in harmony. Health and well-being lead to happiness. The massages have healing power, releasing tension, freeing tissues of toxins and improving circulation.

Reflexology Foot Massage at Bali Orchid Spa relieves stress from areas in the feet that are in harmony with other areas of the body and increases the rejuvenating and revitalizing powers of the whole being. Herbal, lemon, and ginger teas are natural medicines. They relax or stimulate, soothe and energize, rejuvenate and revitalize. At Bali Orchid Spa, they offer the true Balinese hospitality and focus on the well-being of the guests in a beautiful garden setting. Let’s visit and experience the joy of Balinese Holistic Care.


  1. Traditional Balinese Massage (60 Mins)

Begins with a soothing feet bath. Once at ease, guest will enjoy the Balinese massage using guest’s choice of fragrant oils. It creates aromatic harmony with the body and senses. This treatment will also improve blood circulation and relax the body.

  1. Foot Reflexology Massage (60 Mins)

Reflexology foot massage focuses on feet and legs. It provides relief and improves general health by relieving tension in important pressure points in the feet.

  1. Facial Massage (60 Mins)

Enjoy a luxurious facial massage to remove aging toxins from facial tissues. It starts with pore cleansing and skin exfoliation. A face mask, for specific skin type, will nourish and revitalize the epidermis. Finally a moisturizer will compact and protect the skin from the harsh tropical environment.

  1. Cream Bath (60 Mins)

Enjoy a hair wash with a wonderful scalp massage all the way to down the neck and back. Treat hair to guest’s choice of rejuvenating hair conditioner proper for the hair type.

  1. Lymphatic Massage (90 Mins)

Lymphatic Massage is a type of massage based on the hypothesis that it will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

  1. Warm Stone Massage (120 Mins)

Warm stone massage is a fantastic massage which uses warm stones to provide and hold a sustained heat to specific areas of the body. This eases stress and tension and increases circulation to the affected tissues resulting in a relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated body.

  1. Shirodara Massage (60 Mins)

Shirodara is a traditional Indian treatment used to create relaxation and serenity. It begins with a soothing foot, neck and head massage during which attention is given to the energy points located on the head. Then a gentle stream of warm medicated oils is poured continually down over your chakra, the energy focus in the centre of the forehead to bring peace and clarity to the mind, body and spirit. It’s recommended for the release of headaches, insomnia, stress and tension.