Bali Exotic Marine Park is an independent organisation dedicated to protecting marine life. Boasting Indonesia’s largest saltwater habitat, it is ready to care for the animals entrusted to them. They also donate to animal rescue foundations and offer charity therapy programs for disabled people. BEMP will contribute back to society through the intricate research, education and conservation programs.

The focus of Marine Park is to educate people about their environmental responsibility, provide dolphin assisted therapy for the stressed and handicapped and it provides shelter and medical treatment for rescued dolphins.

A 32 x 32 meter salt water pool and an additional separate quarantine pool attached to state of the art filter systems provide a comfortable environment for dolphins who are not able to survive in the wild anymore because of various indications.

Dolphin Explorer Program

Get to know these charming animals without getting wet. This interactive program is specially catered for families with young children. Guests can learn directly from animal experts. They can also feel the sensation of touching and kissing these mammals without having to go down to the pool. Guests will get to learn about a dolphin’s anatomy and how human can protect these majestic creatures.

Dolphin Encounter Program

Take it to the next level by entering the shallow waters where guests can closely observe and understand their behaviour. Brief encounter of dolphins with kissing and feeding from the pools side deck. Side note, guests might even discover unique facts about the dolphins. Activity Highlights: Involves animal interaction in the shallow part of the lagoon. Direct contact and interaction with the Bali Dolphins.

Dolphin Discovery Program

Jump into deeper waters, interact and build a deeper bond with these cheerful yet elegant marine animals. Dance with these graceful creatures and experience the adrenaline rush as the dolphins propel you through the lagoon.


The dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) center at Bali Exotic Marine Park provides therapy sessions accompanied and under supervision by certified therapists for children and adults with all kinds of indications such as down syndrome, autism, cerebral paralysis, hyperactivity and many more …

The therapy centre offers also stress release therapy sessions for the ones who just love to spend some relaxing time with the dolphins whether to ease up on a daily stressful live or just to be in the presence of this great sensitive animals for a while.